Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper does day-to-day hands-on tasks such as submitting invoices, paying the bills and submitting payroll. The bookkeeper also tracks company expenses and ensures that all costs have been entered and recorded correctly.

Here are a few more reasons why you might want a bookkeeper:

  • A bookkeeper does bookkeeping for a living; therefore they spend less time doing the books to provide you with correct financial information in a timely manner.
  • Having your company books in order means that if you need to make a quick business decision you’ll have all the relevant information at hand.
  • Regularly reviewing your financials allows the bookkeeper to see emerging patterns and bring any overlooked issues to your attention. Generally by the time your accountant sees your figures, (which could be months, or even years after the event) circumstances could well have changed, and the figures they see would not be a true reflection of your current situation.
  • Well managed bookkeeping will provide you with useful financial statements such as profit and loss and a balance sheet. These are also required when applying for credit from vendors or financial institutions.
  • Keeping up to date with your paperwork avoids the risk of late payment fees, penalties and fines.
  • Have you ever had a vendor call you for payment and, in a panic, pay them only later to realize you had already settled the account? Bookkeepers reduce that risk, because they keep you informed of outstanding accounts.
  • A bookkeeper can provide you with reports so you can track your sales patterns, and any peaks and slow times, so you can plan ahead for such events.
  • When it comes time to sell your business, buyers will be able to see the true value of the business that you have worked so hard to develop.


How much will it cost? 

Each client’s needs are different, so rather than quoting an hourly rate each client is assessed individually. 

After a FREE initial consultation (either by phone or at your location) we can go over your requirements and I can answer your questions and provide you with a realistic estimate for your accounting plan.